What is uv-c light?

What is UVC light?

Ultraviolet refers to invisible light spanning a range of wavelengths between about 100 to 400nm.
UVC (deep ultraviolet) light does not exist in nature, because its wavelength ranging from about 100 to 280nm cannot reach the Earth. Nonetheless, UVC light performs a wide range of functions such as sterilization, organic decomposition, photopolymerization and sensing.


UVC Disinfection can provide 99.9% virus protection. There are various options available from handheld devices, suitable for private vehicles and public transport as well as restaurants, hotels, sports centres, and any other recreational or entertainment areas to larger desktop devices which are used to disinfect larger areas such as offices, restaurants and other public spaces up to a range of 100 mq.


Many hospitals have been using UV-C lamps for disinfection before the coronavirus broke out, and research has shown they may be useful against COVID-19.

Understanding UV Light in the Fight Against Coronavirus

In the months since the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and the COVID-19 illness have spread across the globe, billions of individuals are awaiting the emergence of a weapon to fight back against the relentless contagion.


While doctors and scientists around the world work tirelessly to test and develop a variety of treatment methods, an intriguing possibility continues to arise: ultraviolet (UV) light sterilisation. By blasting bacteria and viruses with high-powered light, it is believed that complete sterilisation can be achieved - offering true protection from contagion and infection.


However, in order to understand how UV light sterilsation works, it is vital to understand the basics of ultraviolet light, and the different kinds that occur naturally.


Understanding Ultraviolet Light Levels: A, B & C


There are various levels of UV light, existing at varying wavelengths on the ultraviolet spectrums. The lower the wavelength, the higher the energy of the light. Low-spectrum, high-energy UV light can be incredibly dangerous, with the highest-energy burning through skin, damaging DNA, and destroying microscopic organisms. Thankfully, the ozone layer surrounding the Earth stops and filters out most of the low-wavelength UV light, protecting humanity from the dangerous effects.


High-spectrum UV light - also known as UV-A light - is able to pass through the ozone layer, but is typically harmless to humans. UV-A is typically found at 320-400nm, and is also known as blacklight. Exposure to stronger UV-A has been linked to development of wrinkles, sunspots, and more skin issues.


The danger increases as you get closer to UV-B (280–315) and UV-C (100–280). These powerful light rays are stopped by the ozone layer, with only the highest-spectrum UV-B filtering through in high-summer months. When exposure to UV-B is increased, you can risk developing cancer and other dangerous skin ailments.


A Sterilisation Secret Weapon: UV-C Light


For fighting the novel coronavirus, logic would offer that UV-C light could be used to successfully destroy coronavirus and sterilise surfaces. The only problem? UV-C doesn’t occur naturally due to the protective ozone shield!


However, if you give humanity a challenge, they are likely to put their minds together to overcome and achieve the unthinkable. While you may not be able to find UV-C naturally in the environment, scientists and engineers have created devices that emit UV-C light within our own atmosphere using specially-engineered UV-C generators.


These sterilsation devices, when emitting UV-C at a wavelength of 254nm, have been proven to successfully eliminate H1N1 influenza, SARS-CoV, and MERS-CoV with astounding success. In tests, UV-C light has also proven effective to inactivate SARS-CoV-2 virus as well. With UV-C, it is believed that perhaps a secret weapon has been found to fight back against this invisible invader.


Achieve UV-C Light Sterilisation With The Energy Saver


If you are looking for UV-C sterilisation solutions for your commercial or industrial space, The Energy Saver offers powerful UV-C light generators at a price you can’t beat.


By harnessing the ability to exhibit powerful yet safe UV-C light from a portable light unit, the UV-C Light Sterilser from The Energy Saver is helping disinfect and sterilise spaces from a variety of harmful bacteria and microscopic organisms - including contamination from the novel coronavirus.

UV-C Light Sterilisers

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